Active Combustion Control

Active Control Solutions based on process feedback for a better quality of combustion

One month after regular servicing, are we sure that the quality of combustion is still good? If we dealt with cars, the answer might be positive! Now all vehicles (Euro 3 or more) are originally equipped with combustion control based on process feedback, self-diagnostic and reporting capability (EOBD).
That’s the expected road map also for the boiler market! 
After years of research in its advanced laboratories, in 2008 Bertelli & Partners presented its own active combustion control system for gas appliances based on a robust and reliable process feedback (DINAMICO) and a suitable gas valve (SGV).  Several years later the figures, coming from the wide number of gas appliances equipped, confirm that the vision was correct. Through hard work in terms of combustion optimization and specific patents, now B&P Active combustion control system can be applied to several different types of standard and high efficiency appliances (burners, heat exchangers, etc.), increasing the functions and the decreasing the design complexity.
DINAMICO - Through electronics (HW & FW) a standard electrode becomes the process feedback sensor.