Service Lab

Central Lab is composed of well equipped laboratories and qualified technicians with diversified skills, who work jointly and in synergy supporting R&D activities, homologating new components, approving different project steps, performing electric tests, etc.
These laboratories are regularly used by Quality Assurance Dept to guarantee the High Quality Standards required by the company, in incoming inspections, process steps monitoring and faulty analysis. 
The equipments allow to carry out deep performance, reliability and standard compliance tests.  EMC tests are credited by IMQ and KIWA to work in “witnessed” mode (WMT). 
The staff has mechatronic know-how with specific focus on combustion and home comfort automation. 
Service Lab is the new service proposed by Bertelli & Partners. Its laboratories and skills concerning procedural rules and methods are at your  disposal to perform analysis and pre-compliance tests. The customer should identify the directives and product standards concerning the tests to be carried out. 
For further information you're requested to ask Bertelli & Partners' staff: the requests will be discussed with customer and carefully analyzed to check the feasibility depending on  working conditions of equipment, frequency and voltage limits, temperature and humidity range, thermal cycles, sampling frequency and anything else relevant for the test.